Our Begging Tradition

To provide for the needs of the aged poor, Jeanne Jugan traveled the roads of France on foot seeking alms. She was recognized by the begging basket she carried.  Knocking on doors, she asked for money, but also for gifts in kind: food, clothing, wood, wool, or whatever was needed for the Home.

This tradition of relying on the charity of those in the community is continued to day by the Little Sisters.  Our benefactors and friends are the instruments through which God sustains our work.

Today’s “collecting” Little Sisters are often known by their “begging van.” We go daily to the markets and places of business seeking food and commodities to offset operating expenses. We also appeal in Catholic parishes of the archdiocese as a way to build friendships. For those who do know us, visiting the various parishes deepens the friendships we have already forged and gives the faithful an opportunity to share in our mission.

My name is Sister Pauline and I am the collecting Little Sister for Jeanne Jugan Residence in San Pedro.  If you wish to be a part of our ongoing collections, email me at clsanpedro@littlesistersofthepoor.org  or call 310-548-0625. I’ll be happy to further introduce you to our mission and the many ways you can share in it.

Interested in other ways of helping us?

  • Gifts-in-kind are greatly appreciated! Click here for a list of much needed items (pdf coming soon).
  • Support us by participating in one of our fund raising events. See calendar section for details.

Thank you for sharing in our mission. Feel free to stop by and see what a difference YOUR gift has made!

Sister Pauline (left) is responsible for collections for our Home. Gutavo Magallanes is the driver and Clara Ann (second from right) and Sr. Maureen (right) assist with the collections.

Jeanne always thanked her benefactors by praying for them, and this was an expression of truly heartfelt gratitude. She thanked God at the same time as thanking her benefactors.

“This is why God always blessed me,” she was to confide many years later, “because I was always thankful to Providence.”