Meet a Few of Our Family

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"I started here as a medical assistant, then months later I earned my LVN license, then one year later, I became an RN. I am currently the Director of Nursing, because God is good. Coming to this home in San Pedro is one of the greatest blessings that God has given me. The employees and residents are like my own extended family plus the Sisters endless love, support, kindness and understanding are something that I could never find anywhere else. I feel excited to come to work every day."

-Director of Nursing with a Resident

“Working with the Little Sisters and our Residents is a privilege. Our staff reflects the Little Sisters’ mission in their daily works by caring for our Residents. The spirit of St. Jeanne Jugan is ever present in our Home and can be seen and felt throughout; from the exciting daily activities in the building to the delicious meals being served with love. What joy it brings me to be a part of the Little Sisters’ family.”

-Human Resources Director

“Being out on the collecting, we experience Divine Providence daily. God sends us his friends in markets, businesses, warehouses, and parishes. We would never make ends meet without our benefactors, and we always remember them in grateful prayer.”

-Sister Pauline (left) pictured with generous donors

“I was born on the Island of Ischia Ponte in Italy but grew up in San Pedro. I have the best of all worlds – being at the Little Sisters of the Poor and being in San Pedro with my family close by. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

– Resident since 2006 (right) with her daughter

“I am truly blessed to be a part of the Little Sisters of the Poor family. It is fulfilling in life to know that the elderly in our Home will be in a warm and loving environment. The mission of the Sisters through our Lord Jesus Christ, is amazing, in giving the elderly an opportunity to enjoy what life has to offer them.”

-Social Service Director (left) with a Resident

“My family came to Los Angeles in the 50s. We settled in Boyle Heights and later on I actually worked for the Little Sisters of the Poor at St. Anne’s Home in Boyle Heights. It is such a blessing for me to be here in San Pedro. I love being around the Sisters and being able to go to the chapel every day."

-Resident since 2006

“Every time I come to work, I feel inner peace and joy. You show the Residents compassion, kindness, love and respect and they give it back to you twice as much. It is a happy place to work...Oh the fun things we do! There is never a dull moment. After a day’s work I go home with a happy heart. Working here makes me a better person."

– Activities Director